Am I Cured Yet?

My Wonderful Life with Panic Disorder and PTSD


Beginning in early childhood, Jim spent a lifetime seeking a cure to his mental illness. Especially in the early years, there were few resources to even clearly diagnose his illness. But he never gave up. From surviving childhood bullying to the sudden appearance of Panic Disorder as a young adult to learning he had been living with PTSD all along, his search for a cure is a story of persistence, love and hope. 


His memoir chronicles the evolution of effective mental health treatment over four decades. Later in life, Jim incorporated Zen Buddhism and meditation as part of his cure. Mindfulness practice is now an important part of effective treatments for Panic Disorder and PTSD. With professional guidance, he continues to use Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Somatic Experiencing as the foundation of his recovery. 


Jim’s recovery has allowed him to earn an MA, start two new careers and after over two decades without being able to fly, he now travels to see his family and friends. Breaking through the mental health roadblocks, he was able to fulfill his dreams and create new life for himself and his family. 


If you live with mental illness, or love someone who does, Jim’s story is a roadmap to find the help needed to create an engaged and joyful life.

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