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Closer to Publication

There are so many steps needed to move a new book from idea to something one can hold in their hand to read. I now have the near final formatted text and a couple of days ago I got the final version of my (I think very cool) cover. Still, there is more work to do. The book has been loaded on Amazon (invisible to the public) and I have ordered the author's proof copy. When it arrives, after a little dance, I get to read the entire book cover to cover ... again. What I learned with the first book is that no matter how many times the text is reviewed there is ALWAYS something my editor and I missed that needs to be fixed. My wonderful editor knows this and keeps the raw text until I give her the final changes, then new formatting and reloading on Amazon.

Now that I have images of the cover, I can begin redoing the 3 websites associated with my books, this one, Amazon and Goodreads. Given the work that remains, I think I will release it by mid-October. Hey, that is just a month. I better get cracking. Stay tuned.

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