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New Book Available on Amazon

After over a year of writing and editing and fretting, my new book "24 Directions at Once" is now up on Amazon. I am proud of the risks I took in this collection of essays to examine myself and the world around me. I think readers will see themselves in some of the pieces and even have laugh or two. In many ways, the diversity of topics reflects my restless nature. I like that. And for readers, a collection of essays means you can sample until you find the works that live where you do.

To be sure, the pandemic is a major player in the collection. Good grief, it was being in a lockdown that created the time and focus for me to write a second book in a year. But another theme is that even in a worldwide crisis life goes on.

I am delighted with the cover. I scouted the empty streets of downtown Portland with my camera in hand. People who live here will recognize the directions sign post from Pioneer Court House Square. The title actually came before the photo which now seems amazing. I set up the shot and my wife, Sally, took the pictures that I handed over to my cover designer so she could do her magic.

So now I begin the slow rollout on social media. I hope readers enjoy the effort, and if they do, tell a friend. And yes, I am already thinking about the next project. This book writing is addictive. Best. Jim.

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