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Proof Copy in Hand

It is very exciting when all the work becomes an actual book. I am working with the final version now. The changes are small but important. Everything about the text is different when you can hold it in your hand and flip pages. I am still on track to release it on Amazon in the middle of October. Can't wait to share it and hear what readers have to say.

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Important Essay

I just added a new essay at about the failure to create a Jan 6 Commission. I think our country is in great peril.

Need Some New Fiction?

I just posted a story about love, lust and obsession in the age of the cell phone. Enjoy.

Memo to Myself

She has eyes the color of hoarfrost. White skin, not albino, but damn close. I had decided that for my sanity to stop writing about her. My shrink said it would help. He was wrong. I looked forward to