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The New Beast Has Escaped

Having benefited greatly from the eyes and minds of my beta readers, the manuscript of my second book is now in the hands of my editor. There is a tremendous letdown when the work is at this stage. I look at my computer and think, "What? Nothing to do today?" I think this is especially true during this pandemic when so many of my distractions, baseball, films and live music are out of bounds. I don't like this "at loose ends" sensation, head still in one work and not quite ready to consider what is next. But there is still much to do. The writing begins anew when the edited manuscript shows up in my email. And, I this time, I have taken my own photos for the cover art. So, it's details, details, details until it send the new book out into the world. Can't wait for my readers to see how different it is from my memoir.

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